Our yogic understanding of modern time is that people forgot to relying on their own sensory system and need more stimulation from outside themselves. Many forms of hierarchial religion, addictions in drugs, alcohol and sex and more subtle insecurities have thrived on this human development. Over 20 years ago Kundalini Yoga master Yogi Bhajan mentioned that this age will be heavily influenced by ‘cold depression’, a human numbness growing into pandamic proportions.

People need to reconnect to what is real for them, authentic, original and expansive. We call this Sat Nam, true identity. It’s quite a revolutionary idea that everyone has something to share with the world. But we need training in order to find this Sat Nam, maintain it and expand it. This is why I am dedicated to organise this Teacher Training. To give you the tools to because a Teacher. Maybe a yoga teacher, but definitely a teacher.